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26 June, 2005

Star Wars-Made In China

"Made in CHINA?! WHY-IS-EVERYTHING-IN-A-MER-ICA-MADE-IN-CHI-NA?!" (with fist hitting down to emphasize every syllable).

This quote was by my 7 year old son when he saw that the Star Wars figurine he got from a Burger King kid's meal was made in China. My response to him was, "Son, if you can figure out how to make things cheaper in America, you'll be a rich man."

20 June, 2005

Studio Friday: Collections

This week's theme on Studio Friday. is Collections. When I was younger I got my hands on as many miniature Smurfs as I could afford. I'm glad now... they keep me company in my lonely studio ;)

06 June, 2005

Studio Friday: Ugliest

This is my first submission to Studio Friday. This week's theme is Ugliest. It's a photo of a clay head I was given when a coworker quit years ago. He said that it was surely the only thing that could fill his place. As ugly as it is, I could never get rid of it.

03 June, 2005

Illustration Friday: Digital

It's about time I got back to submitting something for Illustration Friday. This week's theme is Digital. I'm reusing some of my favorite magazine covers that I illustrated several years ago for a now defunct local magazine. I hope I wasn't the cause of them shutting down :(

01 June, 2005

Today's sketch

Here's just a sketch for a fun book I came up with today. It has hidden items all throughout. These are just details of the full illustration. I'm having a great time with my new job, drawing things for children. I'm listening to an audio book of Anne of Green Gables while I work, and it's just, well, not very "guy" like, but I'm enjoying it splendidly just the same.