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31 May, 2006

Illustration Friday: Cake

I just received a Disneyland annual pass holder's newsletter all about the updated Pirates of the Caribbean opening soon. I was so inspired by the artwork I just had to draw a pirate. This sketch was just to work out the composition of a much more elaborate illusration full of scandal and treachery. I just couldn't find the time to complete it, so I just colored up the sketch here, and I'm calling it good.

25 May, 2006


I believe I have one of the most versitile jobs as an illustrator. My first year at Insect Lore, I've designed kids' gardening tools, illustrated a coloring book, designed product packaging, manned trade show booths, designed logos, illustrated and designed games, animated banner ads, and now I'm on to their web site... oh, and I work at home. Doesn't get better than that!

I've just finished the home page for insectlore.com using a load of fun illustration and flash animation. The backend stuff is still pretty antiquated, so that's my next project. I love my job!

20 May, 2006

Illustration Friday: Sorry

I've been so burned out lately that I missed the last few Illustration Fridays. It took a great idea of my wife's to get me going again.

17 May, 2006

Illustration Friday: Angels and Devils

Just by coincidence my little 5 year old girl drew this picture when Illustration Friday's theme was Angels and Devils. It was amusing to watch her draw this. She sat on the floor facing a full-length mirror and made faces for reference. She's so creative!

A few fun things I have to point out: I love the happy curly eyelashes on the "happy" side, and on the mean side she added a spider and a bloody nose. The smile/frown is great! I also love the deliberate line down the middle splitting the personalities.

In my opinion, this is more creative than I can get on most days!

02 May, 2006

"'Cars' Road Trip '06"

"'Cars' Road Trip '06" stopped in Salt Lake City today, in fact just down the street from my house. So I just had to take the family to see the real live Lightning McQueen and Sally the Porche.

The weather was perfect, and we got there before most people got off work, so not much of a crowd.

My wife and I had a great time looking at all of the details on the cars, and talking to the truck drivers hauling these masterpieces all over the country. Really nice guys. They were happy to shared some fun facts with us and help take pictures. A perk for them is that they were able to see the final touches of the creation of Lightning and Sally, and they've already seen the film.

Lightning's body is completely fiberglass, so pushing him out of the truck is quite a trick, nowhere to grab except the roll bars inside. His tires are racing prototypes and Lightning has 4 of the 5 ever made. He is driveable, but not street legal.

Sally is an actual Porche, but her front is fiberglass. Not as much work done on her, but features added to characterize her.

They were passing out free trading cards and posters as well.