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27 November, 2005

Illustration Friday: Small

Illustration Friday's topic this week is "small". I haven't completed this illustration yet, but thought I'd show a progression of one using this very small Santa sculpture.

My extended family picks names each Christmas, not for gifts, but to exchange ornaments. Because of my newfound love for Sculpey, I thought I'd make a homemade ornament this year. This Santa is what I came up with, and it's my first shot at sculpting with this kind of detail.

While I was creating this, my mind started working on other uses for him, and I've been inspired to use him as part of an illustration. I have a grand idea, and this is the first step. I'll share my progress, or show the final when it's done, whether or not it turns out good. It's a real experiment for me, and I'm so excited to try it out.

So, if you're interested, come on back, and I'll give updates.

Enjoy! I know I will!

24 November, 2005

Illustration Friday: Free

Here's one I did for a book cover for Insect Lore where I work. It seemed to work well for this theme.

23 November, 2005

Art of Garth, Funny Farmer, GB Land... a blog's identity crisis

The nice thing about Blogger is the ability to update and change things on a whim. The bad thing about Blogger is the ability to change things on a whim. My blog in the last year has gone through a bit of an identity crisis. I've gone from a blog with all sorts of info about me personally, to a totally anonymous blog with nothing about me but my art, to just inbetween... And that's where my blog is today. I think I'll be happy here, finally.

11 November, 2005

Illustration Friday: Strength

I'll tell you what, it takes an immense amount of strength of character for an 8th grade boy to play the violin in the Jr. High School talent show assembly. That audience is scary when you can't see them.

08 November, 2005

Illustration Friday: Night

While I was sketching this illustration for Illustration Friday this week at the breakfast table, my wife said she could tell which face I was working on just by looking at my face. I think that's why most artists work in solitude.