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22 August, 2006

Blick Studio Catalog

I try at all costs to avoid the local brick and mortar art supply store. With the high prices and the snobby teenage sales associates who hover over you while you browse as if you're a potential starving artist shoplifter, it's more "high-class" than I can stand. And besides the mega craft stores around, there's no competition for them to make them change their ways. What this town needs is a Blick Studio art store to stir things up a bit. Until then, I'll goggle and drool over the latest 384 page Blick Studio annual catalog.

Just got it yesterday, and it stays with me all year. Sure, I can go online to their fabulous store and peruse over every item, but a paper catalog is just more relaxing and enjoyable to read. It's like the Sears catalog for art geeks like me! It has everything! From Sharpies to kilns. From kids' supplies to uber cool and complex art easels. Ok, it doesn't have paper clips, but this isn't an office supply store.

I love reading the small articles that describe many of their products, and sample artwork using the different media. It also profiles some of the artists who create these products. Just fascinating stuff that no snobby teenage sales associate would ever know. At least until they ordered this catalog themselves.


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